Originally, I had a different idea for my final project. I wanted to capture college students hanging out at the pool, but as of last night I’ve changed my mind.

Last night I was sitting on the porch with some friends chatting, one of those friends is named Richard. Richard has a street wear t-shirt line, I knew about that but I never thought anything of it. So as I sat there and listened to Richard talk about his clothing line I could detect so much passion in his voice. All of the sudden it just clicked for me, with my eyes closed I would be able to tell how much his clothing line means to him and that would sounds amazing on audio. My goal would be to capture Richard’s drive and ambition through multimedia journalism.

Richard wearing one of his shirts from his clothing line. The line is called “Arrognt Empire Clothing.”

An obstacle I could encounter might be time constraint. I am not sure how long Richard will be here for the summer and I want the people who help him on his line in the video too, so everyone would need to be around at the same time. Another obstacle I could face would be clashing ideas. Richard is a very creative person with great ideas, but I fear that I might not be able to make his ideas come to life.

However, where there is a problem, there is a solution. As far as time issues, I will be sure to plan meetings that will fit their schedules and I will make time in my schedule around their free time. And although Richard’s thought process may differ from mine, I believe we will work well together and create an amazing finished product. I am excited to relay the passion Richard has for his growing clothing line, and I think it is important to emphasizes the ambitions of graduating college students.

I also thought the following link was a cool story idea and well composed. I’m still sitting here scratching my head about how they got that shot of the side of the limo driving down the street. Here’s the link Driven.  I also think that something similar to this would be a great idea for a final project.


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Broadcast Journalism student at the University of Missouri. Reporter and Anchor at KOMU and Newsy. Lover of nature, music, and art. Determined to stay in the know. Hard worker, quick leaner, ambitious, and analytical. Ready to make my mark on the world. Read my thoughts.
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