COLUMBIA – Missouri veteran Harvey Fogel is the first person in the state to receive the newest model of prosthetic hand.

Fogel lost all his fingers in December of 1970 in a factory accident while serving in the Navy. For 41 years, he could not complete simple tasks like holding a cup or opening a sugar packet. When he first got his new prosthetic hand, he and his wife sat down and had coffee and he was able to open his own sugar packet. His wife said she will keep the empty sugar packet to remember the moment.


Fogel during therapy

The prosthetic hand uses muscle control to sense when Fogel wants to move. He can use the prosthetic just like a regular hand, but he said he has been without a hand for so long that he still needs to get adjusted. Fogel said he was surprised and is very humbled to have access to the new technology.

Truman VA Hospital said they aim is to improve function to help veterans have a good quality of life.

This story aired on KOMU


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