Personality Traits Determined By Shoes

Want to know someone’s age, income, gender – even personality traits without even talking to them?

Look down.

Researchers from the University of Kansas say 90 percent of a stranger’s personality can be determined by looking at their shoes.

KCTV and WDAF have details from the study.

“The researchers asked one group of participants to submit photos of the shoes that they wear most often. A separate group of participants studied photos and they answered questions about the owners personality.”

“How expensive the shoe looked, how stylish the shoe looked. All these things contributed to one’s ability to infer the income of the person.”

So according to the study, the style, cost and condition of someone’s shoes can tell so much. KTRK explains what exactly might be revealed.

“Extraverts were more likely to wear flashy and colorful shoes. A freshly polished shoe maybe a sign that you are clingy. And strangely enough claim people tend to wear shoes that appear uncomfortable.”

CBS News has a few more personality traits which the study’s authors say could be revealed.

“…Liberals tended to wear more worn-down, less expensive footwear. While aggressive people liked to wear ankle boots, people who were more agreeable liked to wear practical and functional shoes.”

The study also suggests that the higher the heel on a shoes, the more emotionally unstable the person might be. But WFLD says – some people don’t believe you can get a glimpse into someone’s soul by looking at their — sole.

“I don’t buy it, I think you can tell if they’re a neat freak or a slob, but beyond that I think it’s probably as far as you can go…it defines your character, it defines your charisma, it defines your swag.”

Check out the video from Newsy — written and anchored by me!


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