Rebecca Black or Black Person?

Is diversity in the newsroom important? That was a heated topic of discussion in my cross-cultural class. The advocates might say that you want the work area (especially in journalism/marketing and PR) to have knowledge of the different sentiments of each race, that way it is less likely to offend. The nae sayers could argue that the office should be representative of the population; less diversity in the population equals less diversity in the office.

Regardless, let me share this quick story with you, then you can think on the question and form your own opinion.

While watching TV I stumbled across the channel Fuse. On Fuse they were playing a game called “Rebecca Black or Black Person.” Now, I hope that just the title of the game makes you go “hmmm.” The show is called “Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street.” The host is a young white male that walks around asking questions to people on the street.


The above pictures Billy. Here’s an example of a question ” Who sings a song called Person of Interest and who is a person of interest?” My mouth dropped to the floor when I heard this.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and hark on the ignorance of the writers of this show, but I will bet you that whoever came up with “Rebecca Black or Black Person” was not a “Black Person.”

With that being said, maybe with the opinion of a black person the controversy of the game could have been avoided. As a woman of mixed dissent (black and white), I certainly was offended. I believe that if a company, channel, corporation, etc. wants the support of the public they need to relate to the public. If Fuse’s target audience does not include minorities then they are doing a great job marketing themselves. Maybe it’s not much, but I will no longer be watching Fuse and if they continue offending people, their audience will continue to shrink.

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Seeing Red “Push Incase of Emergency”

There was a little spider about 3 inches from this shot. The spider was making its way to the prey caught it caught in its web. Anywho, I wish I could have captured that in this photo but I sill like the shot anyway. The color red and the lighting, combined with the word… Emergency. It’s just eerie. As you can see it was getting dark outside which makes the importance of this emergency button all the more significant. I also like how to focus is more directed toward the button and not the words.

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Seeing Red “Doorway to?”

So this photo is a part of my J2150 assignment just like the pervious. I like this photo because it has no obvious explanation. What is on the other side of this mysterious red door? I do not know the answer to that question, and chances are you don’t either. The only way to find out is to man up and open it. You never know, there could just be something wonderful waiting on the other side.

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Seeing Red “geranium”

I shot this in downtown Columbia. I wanted to play with the focus a little bit, so I brought the forefront into focus and left the back blurry.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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